A new PECOS File is now available for download.

Blank OASIS C2 Documents are available with main Office software version 6068 dated 12/28/16.  Blank OASIS C2 Assessments can be found in Listings/Blank Comprehensive Assessments C1.  Upon selection of the Listing option new check boxes have been added to the parameter screen.  The check box for 2017 C2 format will be automatically marked.  Select the OASIS Assessment type and then Print.

Agencies will need to have Main Office Software Version 6065 dated 12/21/16 and Clinical Point Of  Care Software Version 2516 dated 12/21/16.  Software Versions dated 12/21/16 or later will contain updates for all Medicare PPS billing and OASIS C2 changes.  OASIS C2 changes will include data set items and XML file formatting.  The software will use the M0090 date entered into the OASIS data entry field to determine if the record will be OASIS C1 or OASIS C2.  OASIS with a M0090 date prior to January 1 2017 will be OASIS C1.  OASIS with a M0090 date of January 1, 2017 or after will be OASIS C2.

A Helpful Reminder:  If a clinician changes the M0090 date in their comprehensive OASIS document from a date prior to January 1, 2017 to January 1, 2017 or later, the comprehensive OASIS will switch from OASIS C1 to OASIS C2 automatically.  The Clinician will need to review all OASIS Items and address all OASIS C2 to prevent errors.

OASIS Outcome and Process Measures report is now available with main Office Software Version 6064 dated 12/20/2016.  The OASIS Outcome and Process measure Report can be found in Listing Reports/OASIS.  The report will allow agencies to track the status of the OASIS Outcome and Process measures.  On the Print form, measures included in the 5 Star Rating will have an asterisk.  Upon accessing the report parameter screen, agencies will note the Timely Initiation of Care will be automatically marked to be included in the report.  Agencies can mark manually which further measure they would like included on the report.  The Check Box to “add a SOC for Patient’s not yet discharged” will include those patient’s whose only completed assessment is a Start of Care in the Timely Initiation of Care reporting.

Agencies who have not already established system security for employee access to HHC 3000 are putting patient Protected Health Information at risk under HIPAA requirements.  HHC 3000 System security provides agencies with the ability to assign a unique user name and password for each employee.  Combined with a workstation or managed hosting log in , dual authentication as recommended by HIPAA is achieved.  Establishing system security in HHC3000 also provides agencies with Access Control and Audit Controls required by HIPAA.  Agencies utilizing the software in the Managed Hosting Environment will receive a warning in the Main Menu screen of the software.  Agencies who have not already done so will be required to establish system security by January 1, 2017.

Medicare requires all OASIS to be transmitted to CMS within 30 days of completing the assessment.

Medicare will deny claims (Finals) if there is not the matching OASIS (SOC or Recert) in CMS (the quality system) if the Final Claim is being submitted 30 days after the Completed date- the M0090 date.

CMS applies a unique Assessment ID to each OASIS Assessment submitted.  The Unique Assessment ID is included in the Validation report received by agencies following the OASIS XML file submission.

Software Enhancements for tracking OASIS Submission using the Assessment ID are now available with main Office software version 6060 dated 12/13/16.

New data entry fields for entering the CMS Assessment ID when an OASIS Assessment has been submitted to CMS and ACCEPTED can be found in several areas of the software to maximize agency efficiency in entry and tracking.

Upon review of the Validation Report the agency can enter the Assessment ID for accepted OASIS in a new field “OASIS Received Assessment ID” in the Changes screen accessible through the View button for each OASIS Assessment in Patient Activities.  The field will also be available in the Changes screen accessible through the Control Board /PT Activities/Assessments.  When the accepted OASIS Assessment is highlighted in the Assessments grid, the changes button can be found and selected in the upper right corner of the screen.  The OASIS Assessment ID can also be entered into the Changes screen via View button that is available in the Create XML screen.

The entered Assessment ID will be visible in the assessment grid in PPS Billing to allow billing personnel to easily identify and verify acceptance of the OASIS assessment in the quality system (CMS) prior to creating the Final claim for the assessment.

The OASIS Assessment Listing found in Listing Reports will include the entered Assessment ID for historical tracking purposes.

With Main Office Software Version 6059 dated 12/12/16, the software will now allow updates/posting of OASIS Item M2200 from the Changes screen accessible through the View screen.  The software will not allow posting of changes to M2200 after 7 days, if the OASIS Assessment has been Locked, Sent to CMS or RAP billing has been completed.

The 2017 Federal Tax Tables are now available with main Office Software Version 6059 dated 12/12/16

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