Enhancements have been made to the Patient Visit Calendar with Main Office Software version 5862 dated 11/10/15 that allow for more efficient manipulation, transfer and assignment of scheduled visits and documentation of Employee contact.

Upon accessing a specific patient’s visit calendar when the patient’s scheduled visits are displayed, a new button displays in the upper right corner labeled ‘Schedules’.  Once selected the screen will display both patient and employee information as well as two grids separating patient and employee scheduled visits.  When the number for a specific date is selected on the Patient Visit Calendar screen, which has been available historically, the new screen will be available with only the scheduled visits for that day displaying on the Patient portion of the screen.  The Employee assigned a scheduled visit will display on the right side of the screen.  If a scheduled visit highlighted in the patient scheduled visits grid has a different employee assigned, selecting the arrow button will convert the employee on the right side of the screen.  The Transfer button available historically remains available in the patient scheduled visits grid.

New features below the Patient scheduled visit grid include a new grid displaying Assigned Employees from the Responsible Employee field on the patient demographics screen, Employees assigned by discipline in the Therapy screen and any employees assigned in the Responsible employee screen for those agencies using the Patient/Employee Filtering.  The patients documented Home Environment , Traits, Home Management and Daily Living are displayed in read only format at the bottom of the screen.

New features below the Employees scheduled visits grid include a grid and fields to document employee contact.  The ‘Add’ button will open screens to document the date of contact, the outcome, and a small memo field for additional comments.  Employees contacts are saved historically in the grid and will also display in Notifications.  The Employee Qualifications, Restrictions and Schedule Availability comments will display in read only format at the bottom of the Employee side of the screen.

REMINDER:  Agencies providing Medicare Hospice services should update billing rates for the 2016 fiscal year in Service Set Up.  Agency established services for  Routine Home Care, Respite Care, General Inpatient Care and Continuous Care for dates of service 10-1-15 should be updated as per the posted rates in the Federal Register Final Rule titled, Fiscal Year 2016 Hospice Wage Index and Payment Rate Update and Hospice Quality Reporting Requirements.  Medicare Hospice Invoice Rates, if agencies are utilizing the internally programmed rates, for discipline specific visits will be updated January 1, 2016 by Allegheny Software Publishers, Inc.

Agencies should  not  make any changes in the software at this time for the high and low rate Routine Home Care charges to begin  January 1, 2016  and wait for further instructions from Allegheny Software Publishers, Inc.   Further instructions will be posted on Allegheny Messages.

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