A new PECOS file is now available for download.

Agencies will need to have Main Office Software Version 6212 dated 10/05/17 prior to submitting OASIS XML files to CMS. The HIPPS Version has been updated.

The Current Treatments screen historically available in the Main office Software in Patients/ Therapies/ Current Treatment tab is now available in the Clinical Point of Care Software in the Managed Hosting Environment ONLY with Clinical Point of Care Software Version 2616 dated 10/02/17. The Treatments tab can be accessed from the Therapy button in the Patient Medical information area.

Enhancements have been made to the Home Health Aide Care Plan with Main Office Software Version 6208 dated 10/02/17 and Clinical Point of Care Software Version 2616 dated 10/02/17. A new check box has been added by the Vital Signs to indicate Not Applicable. When marked the Vital Sign section will not be included on the print form. A new section has been added to the Other Service tab, Service Day Responsibility. The agency can indicate who will be responsible for care of the Patient on each day of the week. Options are Hospice or Family/Caregiver.

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