Clinicians utilizing the Clinical Point of Care Software in the Managed Hosting Environment may now monitor responses to Notifications sent from the Clinical Point of Care Software from the ‘My Notices’ screen with software version 2582 dated 06/05/2017. In ‘My Notices’ Clinicians will select the new button, ‘Notifications sent’. All notifications sent from a patient’s Control Panel or Authorization Board/Notification section will display in the Notifications sent screen providing efficient monitoring for the receiving clinicians responses. Clinicians may also create a New Notification from ‘My Notices’ by selecting the ‘All Notes’ button. Case Managers may also create a group notification for their Team, as established in the Main Office Software under Employee Teams. Hospice personnel may send group notifications to update the Hospice patient’s Interdisciplinary Group/Team of changes or for notification of patient death.

A new PECOS file is available for download

Available with Clinical Point of Care software version 2579 dated 06/01/2017 Risk of Hospitalization flags that are triggered by documentation entered in the comprehensive assessments will also initiate programmed interventions to auto-populate and save to a new section in the comprehensive assessments in the Care Management/ Hospitalization Risk tab and the 485/Plan of Care in the Assist/Risk tab. The automated/populated fields with the risk items and interventions may be individualization as needed. The Hospitalization Risks with the Interventions to address each risk will be included in both document print forms.

Supportive assistance entered in the Comprehensive Assessments or in new data entry fields in the 485/Plan of Care in the Assist/Risk tab will now be included in a Supportive Assistance section on the Plan of Care with Main office software version 6154 and Clinical Point of Care version 2579 dated 06/01/2017.

Enhancements for increased efficiency have been made to the Create OASIS xml screen with Main Office Software Version 6153 dated 05/31/17. In the Create OASIS XML screen we have added a “PPS Billable Only” checkbox and a new Option to Perform, “Mark as Accepted by CMS” that will mark all assessments as received. After you get your OASIS validation report, you can then enter a CMS Date and check PPS Billable Only as the assessment filter parameters to display only OASIS Start of Care, Recertification and Resumption of Care used as a Recertification assessments. Next use the Option to perform, Mark as Accepted by CMS option to mark all the assessments as accepted by CMS on that date. Then you can just uncheck the ones that were not accepted using the Accepted button.

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