An agency in Ohio asked us to give them the ability to generate a report that shows by employee the gross payroll incurred visiting each patient along with the patient address. They were possibly eligible for substantial tax credits for payroll amounts earned in federal tax credit zones. We added a new check box in the Payroll Date Visits Paid Report that will print the report with the required information. The new checkbox is labeled “Patient Address / Location Format (for Federal Empowerment Zone Reporting)”. We thought other agencies might be interested.

If you are having problems getting Medicare secondary billings accepted under ANSI 5010 billing you will need to get the most recent update, 4961. Under the PPS Billing Information, in the Medicare Secondary tab, there is a new field called “Claim Adjudication Date.” You will need to complete this new field in order for your claims to be accepted.

If you are having problems with DC Medicaid Waiver accepting your claims in the judication process, there are a few setup items that must be done in insurance company maintenance. In the ANSI tab check the API Format check box. API stands for atypical provider. In CLM6 select ‘Y’. For CLM12 select ’03′. In the insurance company demographics where is says NPI Override (API) enter your provider number. You should also be at version 4956 or higher. If you still have questions give us a call. Thanks.

We have made changes to the Virginia Medicaid and DC Medicaid ANSI 5010 billing formats. If you use these types of billing you should get version 4955 or higher.

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