A new PECOS file is available for download.

As the result of an integrity check we added in a couple of reports, timesheet “Other” non-visit time accidentally began to appear in the patient activity grid.  We have corrected this from happening in the future in Version 5420.  We also added a feature in Utilities / HHC3000 Cleanup to remove the existing ones from the activity grid.  In this cleanup utility select item 7. Remove non-visit time records from patient activity grid.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We have increased  the length of the physician first and last name fields allowed in HHC3ooo.  As the result of PECOS checking by some of our agencies, we found physician last names as long as 26 characters and actually had a physician first name that was 25 characters.  HHC3000 was changed in version 5237 to accommodate longer names.

Several agencies have received notifications that they have submitted recent claims that after May 1, 2013 will be denied because of problems with the physician submitted on the claim compared to the PECOS file.  Below are the changes to the software that have been made to help agencies make corrections.

1)   In Doctors, when you post the PECOS file we will warn you if the NPI number could not be found in PECOS or when the physician name in HHC3000 does not match the PECOS file.  Beside the Post button there is a new button labeled “Results.”  This button will list the active physicians where the name did not match or that the NPI number could not be found.

2)  We have changed physician listing to include an option to print only physicians where the names do not match the PECOS file.  You already had the option to print physicians where the NPI was not found in PECOS.

3)  CMS has been telling agencies to just review their remittance files and look for remarks code N272.  Sometime ago CMS started putting remittance claims remarks in the ANSI 835 remittances but we were not aware of the change.  We have changed the printout under Electronic Remittances to display claim remarks code.  We suggest printing recent remittance files (without posting of course) to see if you had any claims with remarks code N272.

4)  We have removed the physician middle initial from the ANSI 5010 electronic file.  The PECOS file does not contain a middle initial and we also had information stating that the middle initial should be removed.

5)  In Billing where you print ANSI files we made changes to how 835 remittance files display on the right had side of the report.  This will also show remittance remarks such as the N272 comment.  Printing the file under Electronic Remittances is still an easier method to find the remarks.

Several admission and discharge reports have been changed to improved performance.

A new PECOS file has been made available for download.

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