Main Office Software- Version 6592, dated 1/27/2020 will include the following updates/fixes for PDGM Final Claim generation:

-Occurrence code 50 will now display on both the UB04 printouts and electronic ANSI files.
-Final Claim Statement from/through dates will be updated.

Main update, version 6590, dated 1/22/2020 will include the following fixes:

Blank OASIS D1 Assessment forms will now be available.

Fix for a bug that was in the PDGM Wage Index Calculation which may have caused posted invoices to be slightly different than the current CMS PDGM Calculation dollar amount. Most differences were very small.

Fix for a bug in the “Pull from Patient” button within the Assessment diagnosis screen.

12/27/19 Main Software Version Update 6571 includes federal tax withholding and social security withholding rates. Update also includes changes related to 2020 W-4 form.

On 12/5/2019, the IRS issued a redesigned 2020 W-4 form. Withholding allowances are no longer used for the redesigned W-4 form. Employees who have furnished Form W-4 in any year prior to 2020 are not require to furnish a new form merely because of the redesign. HHC Update-Version 6568 includes an update to the Payroll Master screen, Federal Withholding Information, W-4-2020. This will allow agencies to enter the updated W-4 information. The actual federal tax withholding calculations will not be updated until 12/31/2019.

A new PECOS File is available for download as of 04/08/2019.

A new PECOS File is available for download as of 2/19/2019.

Main update 6448 includes new Communication Note Types.

The four new communication note types that have been added are as following:
2. Physician Certification
3. SNF Form
4. Personal Care Home Form

These Communication Notes will be added to the Clinical Software with the next Clinical update.

Software updates related to documentation enhancements supporting comprehensive assessment collaboration are available with Main Office Software version 6446 and Clinical Point of Care Software version 2778.
The OASIS Guidance manual states in Chapter 1 under the heading Comprehensive Assessment and Plan of Care: “Agencies may have the comprehensive assessment completed by one clinician. If collaboration with other health care personnel and/or agency staff is utilized, the agency is responsible for establishing policies and practices related to collaborative efforts, including how assessment information from multiple clinicians will be documented within the clinical record, ensuring compliance with applicable requirements, and accepted standards of practice.”…“For items requiring patient assessment, the collaborating healthcare providers must have had direct contact with the patient.”

Software enhancements include adding the new GG items to the Therapy Assessments and Progress notes allowing Therapists and the individual completing the comprehensive assessment the opportunity to collaborate. The GG items available in the Therapy Assessments and Progress notes will not populate the items in the Comprehensive OASIS assessment.
All documented responses are available in the Print Form and View screens for the records.
The Print form of Comprehensive OASIS Start of Care and Resumption of Care will include a list at the top of all of the Visits with Employee and Discipline that occurred from the SOC or ROC date up to and including the M0090 date. The Recertification OASIS print form will contain a list of visits for the 7 days prior to the M0090 date.
The Trend button (represented as a peach colored button with a picture of a white piece of paper) available at the top of comprehensive documents in the Clinical Point of Care software will contain a new option GG items. The Discharge Goals established in the GG items will be available for evaluation of patient progress in meeting the discharge goal established in the Comprehensive OASIS.

As stated in the Guidance manual Agencies are responsible for specific policies and procedures to reflect collaboration practices. These software Enhancements are meant to assist agencies in meeting collaboration practices but do not establish or endorse specific policies or procedures.

A new PECOS file is available for download.

Main Office software version 6434 dated 01/30/2019 will include a FIPS code for all Medicare PPS claims (RAPs and Finals). The FIPS code will also now be included on the Print form of a paper UB04 when generated from PPS Billing.

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