A new Security Report is now available in the Main Office software. The new Report can be found in Set Up/ System Security/ Security Reports. The Report is called Document in/Out Date and Time. The report provides an audit trail for every time an employee edits and closes a Comprehensive Visit or Assessment in the software. The report will also total the amount of time spend on each record. The report may be run by Data range and for a specific Employee.

Enhancements to the Progress Summary Document to include accommodation with DC Medicaid 60 day Progress Summary requirements are available with Main Office software version 6316 and Clinical software version 2693 dated 05/09/18. The enhancements will utilize Dc Medicaid specific PCA Assessment and DC Medicaid Plan of Care to import data into the Summary tab, Hospitalizations and Professional Visits. The Clinical tab contains a new button to import POC will pull DC Medicaid Plan of Care orders for DC Medicaid skilled nursing and PCA service, 24 Hour Management plan and Goals.
The Prior Orders Goals and Notes will continue to allow Import of Physician orders Missed visits and Progress Notes. Items not specific to DC Medicaid services can be removed to maintain functionality for other State or agency specific requirements for Progress Summary documents.
The Summary Progress and Plan will allow the import of Narrative documentation from the last comprehensive assessment or visit for DC Medicaid, other state or agency specific requirements.
The patients current Medications will continue to be imported in the Current Medications tab.
The Progress Summary document in the Clinical Point of Care software will now have access to the Document Log, Trend button to access historical information such as vital signs, orders, medications, and Access to the patient medical information screens such as Physicians is now available from inside of the Progress Summary Document.

Main Office software version 6313 dated 05/02/18 adds an additional data entry field in Patients/Insurance/Insurance Companies tab for the New Medicare ID. Agencies may begin to populate a patient’s new MBI number as they receive them. At the time point where the agency transitions a patient from billing and OASIS Submission with the old Medicare ID to the NEW Medicare ID (MBI) the new number is available to move to the Primary Insurance ID field and M0063 Medicare ID field on the Patient Demographics screen.

A new PECOS file is available for download.

A new data entry field is available in the Employee database HR Events tab at the top of the screen to enter an Employee Medicaid ID with Main Office Software version 6312 dated 05/01/2018 or later. The new field may be used by those agencies where State Medicaid Programs are requiring Employees to obtain Medicaid ID’s. Tracking for any required renewals will continue to be available through HR Events.
The Employee User Defined Listing Report parameter screen contains a check box include any Medicaid ID in the generated report.

Agencies submitting the Hospice Item Set XML file to CMS will need Main office software version 6311 dated 05/01/18. Some agencies have received rejections due to data set versions. The update will correct these errors.

Main Office Software Version 6310 dated 4-3-18 contains additional enhancements to the sort options in Print Control. Discharge and Transfer Summaries may be sorted separately. After Loading Docs with initial filters an additional sort is available. Drop down options in the Sort By filed are, Date, Patient, Physician, Employee, Sent Date. After selecting the Sort By option the tab key on the device key board will convert the screen display.

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